Bulk Material Handling Equipment

Our equipment key features offer is high mobility on site and flexibility with multiple material handling. Mobility and flexibility guarantees faster turnaround times when loading and unloading vessels in ports.

Our stacking, reclaiming and rail solutions in stockyards ensure efficient material handling and enhanced productivity, as well as maximum space utilization.

Bulk material handling equipment including:

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Belt conveyor systems

A belt conveyor is a mechanical handling equipment that transports bulk materials for all sizes, shapes and weights from loading point to pick up point via a fixed path. Move the materials up or down steep hill or lift vertically is achievable by using belt with uniformly spaced partition so that the materials being carried are firmly contained on the belt. The belt is usually made of PVC and rubber materials etc. features with varies coating, thickness, and arrangement to handle wide range of handling properties such as friction and temperature etc.

The belt conveyor is equipped with audible warning signal before starting up the conveyor and trip cords along the conveyor to allow operators to immediately shut down when emergency happens as stated on regulations for conveyor safety from Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA 1926.555.

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Stacker can pile bulk material onto a stockpile for storage purpose. A stacker has three basic movements which is travel horizontally along the rail for transportation, luffing (raising or lowering) of the boom vertically to adjust the distance between materials discharging point and the top of the stockpile and rotation by slewing the boom to slew from a stockpile to the other side of the yard conveyor and build equal stockpiles on both sides of the yard feed conveyor. The boom is luffed upwards as the height of the stockpile increases. Besides that, dust is minimized by reducing the distance between materials discharging point and the top of the stockpile.



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Reclaimer is designed to recover bulk material from stockpile when needed. Bucket wheels and scrapper mechanism are commonly used in reclaimer machines in bulk material handling systems. A reclaimer has the three basic movement same as a stacker which is travel horizontally along the rail, luffing (raising or lowering) of the boom vertically and rotation by slewing the boom. Modern machines favor combined stacker and reclaimer that offers compact and efficient function of a stacker and a reclaimer in a single unit.

VIRIDIS offers tailor-made design of reclaimer for the complete range of bulk materials according to the mechanism, structure, reclaiming rate etc.


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The purpose of the spreader is to spreading machine that continuously scatters the overburden at the dumping ground in large-scale open pit mining operations. It receives overburden from the haulage conveyor and dump it in an orderly and efficient manner.



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Ship loaders and ship unloaders

Combined ship loaders and unloader is commonly used in port or jetties to facilitate the import and export activities by loading bulk materials into or from the ships. It mainly consist of an extendable boom, a belt conveyor, a tripper to elevate and transfer product from a source conveyor or feeder, and a mobile structure to support the boom. It is usually mounted on rails and sometimes on tires and movable to reach the whole length of the ship. The boom also can move front and back, up and down by separate drives so that it can fill the whole breadth of the hold and adapt to the ships increasing draught while it is loaded. At the discharge, a special telescoping chute, with rotating, pivoting spoon, facilitates even and complete filling of the holds.



Apron feeders

Apron feeder is used to extract bulk materials from under a dump hopper or regulated feed to a crusher. It has to designed to withstand the impact of heavy materials falling from a height.